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Carla Navarro is one of the rare, versatile actresses to move easily between drama and comedy. She’s played many roles from the romantic lead to the eerie supernatural to the ferocious feminist, showing off her dynamic range by bringing each subtle nuance of her characters to life. Her bilingual ability in both English and Spanish (with or without several regional accents) is one of her major assets. You may have seen her in “The Maids”, “Blithe Spirit”, and “Revolt, She Said. Revolt Again” to name just a few. Carla’s ability to play off other actors and create chemistry has been recognized by the Craig Noel Awards and earned her an Aubrey Award for Best Ensemble in 2017 for “A Piece of my Heart.” Carla studied at Facetas Theater School in Santiago, Chile. An American-born actress with Chilean descent, Carla now lives in San Diego, CA. Carla Navarro can be reached at
Carla Navarro


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